Moving Mouse Toy

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About This Product

This moving mouse toy puts a unique spin on the traditional catch-the-mouse game your cats might be used to. Instead, the mouse is lodged inside a small container with openings on three sides of it. Your cat can either stand on the peripherals of the moving mouse toy to try and catch the mouse, or it can sit on top of it. Once your cat hits the mouse, the mouse will spin around the toy, making your cat even more inclined to try and catch it! If your kitty gets tired of chasing the mouse, this toy doubles as a scratching pad, perfect for getting any extra energy out!

This moving mouse will give your cat hours of fun while it tries to make the mouse stop in its tracks. It might be difficult, but your cat knows it will be able to do it eventually! This moving mouse toy is made up of material that has a soft top, perfect for your cat to perch upon, and toxin-free and cat-safe material around the outsides to insure your cat has the best experience it possibly can!


9.8 in x 2.6 in 

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