Large Cat Tower

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About This Product

If you have an athletic cat or a cat that loves to try new things, then this is large cat tower is purrfect for it! It comes with a rope your kitty can play around with on top, and a ball on a string your cat can tackle on the bottom. To top it off, the extra spacious cove makes for a nice, cozy place for it to relax in once it's all done having fun! 


Sisal Rope: This sisal rope is a great replacement for your cat to scratch on other than your beloved furniture. Instead of ruining your hard-earned furniture, it will be able to scratch away at the rope on here. All it has to do is reach it!

Perches: These perches are perfect for your cat to jump to and from on! They can experiment with which perch they like the best and even play with their friends on each one.

Cove: This cove is the most comfortable and cozy place for your cat to take a rest after it had a long day playing with the other features this large cat tower has to offer. It has the hole shaped as a cat's head, which is perfect for your cat to feel at home with.

Spring Plush Ball: Your cat will fall in love playing with this plush ball that bounces around on a string. You'll probably walk over to this large cat tower to see your cat obsessively swinging and punching at it with its paws. It's a fantastic asset to such an awesome large cat tower!

Strong Climbing Frame: You can feel at ease when your cat jumps around and plays on this large cat tower because of its very strong climbing frame. This makes the structure sturdy and very unlikely to tip over no matter how rowdy your cat may get on it! It even fits more than one kitty, perfect for enjoying with cat friends!

Dimensions: 17.7 in x 17.7 in x 47.2 in

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