Large Cat Condo

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About This Product

This large cat condo is the perfect thing for your cat if it enjoys hiding and sleeping in different places. The key aspects of this cat condo are the coves, perches and the hidden hammock your cat can take a rest on! You and your cat will both love this large cat condo because of all the neat little tricks and perks it has to offer.


Perches: If your cat loves to climb things, then this is the right condo for you! There are two perches, one at the very top and one close to the top, that your cat can stand upon and peer out from. One of the perches even comes with a hole your cat can peek through for even more fun.

Cove: If your cat likes to snuggle up in cozy places, then you'll be please to know this large cat condo comes with an equally large box cove. Your cat can curl up inside to take a nice cat nap, or play hide-and-seek with its other cat friends!

Hammock: Everyone loves hammocks, even cats! This hammock is made of soft polyester wool that your cat will literally never get out of once it puts its head down on it. You can be assured your cat will always get a good night's sleep if it is on this hammock.

Sisal Posts: Never worry about your cat ruining your furniture ever again! These sisal posts are designed to not only keep the large cat condo stable, but to make sure your cat has something to scratch other than your brand-new sofa you just bought for the house!

Polyester Wool: The perfect material to keep your cats playing around on something soft and good for their paws to be walking and jumping on. It also gives the large cat condo a beautiful look to it.

Dimensions: 19.7 in x 19.7 in x 52 in

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