Cat Window Hammock

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About This Product

Does your cat love sunbathing? Or maybe it likes to sleep in lofty places? Or maybe you just want to surprise it with something fun and new? Whatever the case may be, this cat window hammock is the perfect gift to get your cat. It nicely attaches to any wall, window or door to give your cat that unique lounging location of its choice!

You can place it wherever you see fit - whether that's on the window with the most spectacular view of the outside, or on a nice, cozy door that your cat can snuggle up next to. Your cat is sure to love its new cat window hammock! It's a nice change up from its normal cat bed or spot on the ground next to you it usually sleeps in. We're positive your cat will be in heaven as soon as its head hits the cat window hammock!


21.6 in x 13.7 in

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