Cat Track Toy - Ball Chase Toy

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About This Product

This cat track toy is the perfect new way for your cat to have the time of its life. With this cat track, you can configure it to look however you want for your cat, ensuring the optimal fun experience! Form a circle, a "S" shape, a curve, a slinky or more to keep the fun going for hours. You can even combine several track sets to create an elaborate maze that will leave your cat mesmerized!

This expandable cat track is especially great for multi-cat homes, as there's enough track for all to share! This cat track also comes with one ball that the cat can push throughout the track. Once it hits one side it comes bouncing back and shoots the other way! Let your furry friend's natural instinct to pounce and hunt kick in with this versatile cat track. We guarantee you and your cat will have a ton of fun using this cat track.


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