Cat Scratch Tree

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About This Product

Combining the best in comfortable fabric, beautiful design and features that are hard to beat, this cat scratch tree is perfect for that cat or kitten who is in love with trying new things. Equipped with 5 levels, two coves, stairs and scratching posts, your cat is guaranteed to have hours of fun exploring every asset this cat scratch tree has to offer!


Polyester Wool Cloth: The cat scratch tree is covered with a beautiful coating of polyester wool cloth, perfect for making sure your cat's paws have soft footing and also give it a nice appearance that is a great addition for your home.

Coves: The perfect places for your cat to take that much-needed afternoon cat nap. Padded with polyester wool cloth, your cat will fall into a deep sleep instantly! It might even like it better than its own cat bed it has currently. With two large coves, this cat scratch tree can satisfy more than one cat at the same time, purrfect for multi-cat homes!

Perches: These perches make the cat scratch tree even more fun! Your cat will climb its way to the top and back down multiple times to get the most use out of this tree. The perches give your cat a way to set goals for itself and pretend it is on top of the world once it gets to the top.

Sisal Rope Posts: Say goodbye to damaged furniture and carpets with this cat scratch tree's sisal rope posts! Your cat will be inclined to scratch these posts instead of ruin the nice furniture you have in your house. It's a win-win for everybody!

Dimensions: 52 in x 20 in × 20 in

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