Cat Scratch Tower

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About This Product

This cat scratch tower is perfect for you if you have small kittens or not that many cats. It comes equipped with awesome features, including three stories, a tunnel and a cove all in one! It is the perfect way for your cat to have some fun and also get a good rest at the end.


Perches: Your cat will have a blast jumping on and off the perches on this cat scratch tower! Spaced pretty evenly, your cat will not struggle jumping, but actually have fun giving itself the challenge of moving up and down the cat scratch tower.

Tunnel: Cats love going into small spaces and finding their way out of them! This tunnel gives them the ability to do just that. Your cat can maneuver in and out of the tunnel to give it an experience it will become addicted to!

Cove: After a long day playing on the cat scratch tower, your cat can curl up underneath in the cove to rest up. Whether this is just for a cat nap or a good night's rest, your cat is guaranteed to be well rested once it wakes up!

Soft Fabric: The polyester wool cloth the cat scratch tower is made of is not only beautiful to look at, but helps protect your cat's paws when it is jumping and moving around the tower frequently!

Sisal Rope Posts: These posts help prevent damage to your furniture or carpet because your cat will scratch these instead of them! In addition, these sisal rope posts help keep the structure sturdy, so you can feel confident your cat is safe when it is hopping all over these posts.

Dimensions: 12 in x 12 in x 36 in 

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