Cat Mansion

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About This Product

This cat mansion is equipped with everything a cat could ever want. Reaching a height of 73 inches, it contains 5 stories that each have their own unique features. It all comes with two sets of ladders for easy mobility for your feline friend, and multiple perches for multiple kitties! There are even two small coves your cat can take a rest in and even a little mouse toy your cat can play with if it wants to be adventurous! 


1 - 4 Cats: This cat mansion can support 1-4 cats playing on it at one time! Whether you have more than one cat or you want to invite your cat's friends over to play, this is the cat mansion for you!

Strong Bearing Capacity: Because this cat mansion is made from E1 grade particleboard, it has an incredibly strong bearing capacity, so you never have to worry about it tipping or falling over when your cats are jumping around on it!

Sisal Rope: It has sisal ropes covering the outsides of the posts to prevent your cat from scratching up any furniture you may have! This is a fantastic asset to have, especially if your cat is the type to ruin furniture. It also helps prevent the cat mansion from shaking so your cat can roam comfortably around the tree at ease.

Material: This cat mansion is covered with polyester wool cloth, which makes it comfortable for your cats paws to walk around on, and a perfect material for your cats to take a little cap nap on if they wanted to!

Three Top Perches and Two Coves: Ideal for your cat to take its much-needed and well-deserved cat nap after a long day of playing in this cat mansion.  

Dimensions: 21.7 in x 23.6 in x 73.2 in 

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