Cat Jungle Gym

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About This Product

Your cat can enjoy playing on its very own jungle gym thanks to our very own cat jungle gym. From climbing up ladders and jumping into holes to playing with ropes and perching atop podiums, this jungle gym has everything your cat would ever need. Your kitty will find itself having hours of fun on its own cat jungle gym! (Guess you won't need to buy your cat that gym membership after all, eh?)


Tunnel: Cats love jumping in and out of tunnels, and the tunnel in this cat jungle gym allows your cat to shoot up through it onto the higher floors. Your cat will have a blast and continuously jump in and out of this jungle gym with ease.

Perches: These perches are at the highest points of the cat jungle gym and will make your cat feel as if it is on top of the world! Your cat can relax at the top and enjoy the view after a long and hard workout on the cat jungle gym.

Sisal Rope: This rope will not only give your cat an asset to play with, but it will help prevent your cat from scratching up furniture or carpets. And we all know how much we would hate for that to happen!

Cove: Give your cat that chance to relax after a playing long and hard on its cat jungle gym with this cove. With incredibly soft polyester wool being the footing of it, your cat is sure to fall into a deep sleep as soon as it lays down on it.

Sisal Posts: Much like the sisal rope, these sisal posts help draw your cat away from the furniture and carpet and entice it to scratch the posts instead. In addition, an added benefit of the sisal posts is they help in keeping the structure upright to prevent falling over even when multiple cats are playing on it.

Dimensions: 24 in x 16 in x 60 in


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