Cat Heating Pad

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About This Product

Cats may have a lot of fur, but that doesn't mean they don't get cold! If your cat ever gets cold, you can help them stay warm by buying them a cat heating pad. These heating pads ensure your cat never has to suffer through those biting cold days by keeping them warm all around thanks to the convection heating in this pad. Our cat heating pad is unique because it spreads the heat to all areas unlike other mats that keep it all in the center, which is uncomfortable for many cats. 

If us humans can use blankets and heating pads to stay warm, your cat deserves the same. This cat heating pad boasts beautiful designs while simultaneously working to keep your cat at a comfortable temperature during those harsh winter days or any day when it's cold. We definitely don't want your cat shivering from the cold, and neither should you!


Pad Size: 15.7 in x 15.7 in

Wire Length: 27.6 in 

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