cat crinkle sack

Cat Crinkle Sack

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About This Product

Your cat might already have a bed, it might already have a hammock, but does it have a crinkle sack? Our cat crinkle sack is an extremely unique way for your cat to relax - it's basically your cat's own little sleeping bag it can put wherever it chooses! Best of all, it truly does help your cat relax by making that crinkling and rustling sound all cats love!

Not only is the cat crinkle sack extremely versatile, it also is very comfortable and warm inside for your furry friend! Your cat will love taking naps in this crinkle sack, and will never want to come out! Crafted and designed by cat lovers that know just what our furry friends like and need, this cat crinkle sack is sure to please any feline!


Dimensions: 17L x 17.5W x 4.5H in.

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