Cat Bow Tie

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About This Product

Is your cat feeling formal, but not too formal? We've got the purr-fect solution! Your cat can wear one of our specialty cat bow ties in any of our select patterns! Instead of a typical black tie event, your cat can strut its stuff down your living room with a lovely patterned cat bow tie! It even comes with a bell, guaranteed to turn heads and make your cat the center of attention! What kitty doesn't love that?

You'll even begin to wish you could have your own to match your cat's awesome cat bow tie! It'll be one of the most fashionable cats in the neighborhood and everyone is going to wonder where your cat got its sense of style. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to specialize this cat bow tie just for your special furry friend!


Suitable for neck width between 6.3 in. - 11.8 in.

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