About Us

Here at Kooky Kittens, we want you and your cat to have the best time possible. That’s why we provide an array of fun toys and products that both you and your cat can enjoy together! From chase toys to tunnels to climbing trees, your cat will never be bored when using anything we have to offer!

The best part about it is you can have fun and relax in the process. You want to watch your cat do funny things? Get it a chase toy and watch it run around. You need to get work done but your cat just won’t leave you alone? Give it one of our climbing trees or automatic chase toys to get your cat out of your personal space. Life couldn’t be easier.

We believe pampering your kitty and letting it have the most fun possible is the best way to treat them. They love you so you should love them back. And we’re here to help you communicate your love for them through all of our amazing products. What could be more fun than watching your furry friend have the time of their life?

So what are you waiting for? Give your cat that purr-fect gift. We promise you and your cat won’t be disappointed. Anything you need, we’ve got you covered.