The Top 8 Products Your Cat Needs This Holiday Season

It's that time of the year again, and everyone is out holiday shopping and getting ready for the season. You've already found that perfect gift for mom (hopefully!) and everyone else, now they just all need to be wrapped. But, you look over, and gasp! Your kitty has torn up all of your wrapping paper. Maybe its angry because you forgot to get a present for your special furry friend? Don't worry, we've made a list of the hottest cat products of 2016 to help you find that purr-fect gift!

1. Comfy Cat Beds

What cat doesn't love a well-deserved cat nap? Help them stay warm during the cold months with this cute hamburger bed! All cats love tiny spaces, and your cat is sure to love their little snuggle bun! For those looking for something with less carbs, check out the shark bed option, sure to give your cat pleasant dreams of chasing fish!

hamburger bed

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shark bed

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2. Scratching Mat

Give your cat that satisfaction their claws need! This unique scratching mat was voted the best of 2016 simply because of the amount of furniture it saves! With this mat you are able to lay it out, hang it up, or even wrap it around a chair or table leg to prevent damage. This scratch mat has also been scented with catnip to help coax your cat into scratching it instead of your furniture, making it the best out there. 

scratching mat

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3. Cat Laser Toy

This toy takes your average laser pointer and makes it 10 times better. With multiple speed and direction settings to choose from, this laser toy is sure to keep your cat entertained for hours. Best of all, you just set the mode and sit back, this toy runs all on its own! Choose from four settings: fast, medium, slow and random. Each one gives your cat a different form of entertainment that will keep it on its feet!

cat laser toy

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4. Cat Mansion

We've sifted through dozens of cat towers to find the one that is guaranteed to please your cats, and we found a winner: this magnificent cat mansion. Just one look at it proves why it is the best value tower on the market. Perfect for play, lounging, or even sleep, the multiple tiers ensure that more than one cat can enjoy this cat mansion however they desire! For those looking for a downsized option with the same quality as the mansion, we recommend the cat condo. It comes with many of the same features but is a smaller size, but luckily the extra-comfy cat hammock at the bottom more than makes up for it!

cat mansion

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5. Cat Heating Pad

There's a reason your cat is always sunbathing, but it's not to get a tan! Cats love laying in warm areas, but they are hard to come by during the colder months. That's why we had to reserve a spot on our list for this cute cat heating pad! It warms up to the ideal cat temperature which is guaranteed to relax and calm your cat as they lounge on this mat. We recommend putting it in an area your cat loves to lay in, such as on a cat tower or other raised area.

cat heating pad

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6.  Cat Window Hammock

Cat hammocks are becoming more popular every year, all because of how versatile they are and how much cats seem to love them. After careful consideration, we had to give this spot to the cat window hammock. This hammock is fairy large, but whats really special about it is that it works with any surface! Put it against a window for sunbathing, or against any wall or other flat space for a convenient lounging location. The durable ropes can handle anything!

cat window hammock

Find one of these here!

7.  Extra Long Tunnel 

Cat tunnels have been a cat favorite for years now, and no home is really complete without one. With so many options to choose from, it was hard narrowing the options down. We finally decided on this long cat tunnel because it was several feet ahead of the competition. At four feet long, its one of the largest cat tunnels out there, and you can bend it any way to create new and exciting tunnel courses for your cat every single time! This is the perfect cat tunnel for you if you don't have one yet or if you're simply looking for an upgrade!

long cat tunnel

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8. Cat Massage Roller

It started with your typical face massage roller, until someone realized that cats love these even more than humans! This cat massage roller is sweeping the cat world by storm, and is now being hailed as even better than simply petting your cat. For some reason, cats just seem to love being massaged with this roller, and some can't stop purring once you start! We're positive this roller will become even bigger next year, and just had to include it on our list so that our readers could be some of the first to try. 

cat massage roller

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Your cat will definitely love one, maybe two, or maybe all of the items on this list! Don't let them play with wrapping paper this holiday season. They deserve so much more than that for being an awesome furry friend to you! Get them something that will spice up their 2017 with endless hours of fun! 

Stay kooky, 

The Kooky Kittens Team


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