The Best Cat Toys of 2016

With the year of 2016 coming to an end, it's time to reflect on what the best cat toys were over this past year. And with the holidays coming up, it's the perfect time to get your cat that special toy it's always wanted as the year comes to a close! We've made this even easier for you by taking the hottest and most popular cat toys of 2016 and putting them in this purr-fect guide! There's guaranteed to be something for every cat on this list, we hope you enjoy!

Cat Chase Toy

This toy is perfect for the cat that loves to stalk its prey. It contains a mat with an electronic moving mouse that moves randomly around the outside of it. Your cat will be entertained as it watches the mouse move around, waiting for the perfect time to strike!


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Cat Play Tower

This play tower is one of the hottest toys of 2016 because of its ability to grab your cats attention completely. The bright colors will entice your cat to interact with the tower, and once it starts swatting at the balls it wont be able to stop! Because of its multiple levels, several cats are able to play at the same time for even more fun!


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Cat Laser Toy - 360 Laser

Why settle for just a simple laser pointer? With this cat laser toy, you can just choose a setting and let it do the rest on its own! The laser can be set at one of four speeds: fast, medium, slow and random to always keep your kitten guessing! Perfect for any cats that are left alone while their owner is away, as it is sure to distract from mischievousness!


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Cat Track Toy - Ball Chase Toy

With this toy, the possibilities are endless. Design your very own special cat track and watch your furry friend have countless hours of fun! This toy comes with multiple track pieces that you assemble as you wish, whether in a winding road or a simple circle. The raised edges make sure the ball stays moving on its own, and your cat will be enchanted by the back and forth motion. 


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Wobble Toy

This little toy will soon become your cat's best friend! The friendly face helps to encourage your cat to interact, and if they swat at the toy it just flips back up! It also giggles and makes noises when being pushed around by your cat, encouraging them to keep playing. No cat is able to resist walking by this wobble toy and giving it a friendly pat!

wobble toy

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Cat Scratch Pad 

This unique take on the typical scratch pad transforms it into a fun, new engaging toy for your cat. With the addition of two ball tracks on this scratch pad, your cat has several options depending on what it wants to do! It can choose to scratch away at the scratch areas, or swat the balls back and forth! The shape of the pad helps it to seamlessly fit into any home, and is raised to the perfect level so that cats can comfortably engage with it.

cat scratch pad

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Robotic Cat Toy

This interesting little robot mouse has been proven to get any cats attention. Shaped to look like a mouse, it crawls around the house all on its own just like a real mouse would, and is fast enough where you cat has to work to chase it! Even if your cat manages to catch it or flip it over, this toy wiggles and shakes until it is back on the move again. Your cat will love playing with their new mouse friend!


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There are so many options to choose from that you might be tempted to get one of everything for your cat! No matter what you choose, your cat is sure to have hours of fun playing with its new toy. This holiday season won't be complete unless your cat gets something brand new alongside with you when you're opening gifts!

Stay kooky,

The Kooky Kittens Team

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